7 documents required for Startup India Registration

Startup India was launched in 2016, the Indian government initiated this plan to support entrepreneurs in their businesses. Startup India not only encourages innovation and entrepreneurship but also, provides benefits like funding, tax breaks, and relaxed government for those who register. This article will give a clear idea about the main documents required for Startup India Registration.

What is a Startup?

Startups are defined as businesses that are less than 10 years old and have an annual turnover of less than INR 100 crore. A startup is often a small company that is looking to grow quickly and bring new products or services to the market. Startups are usually founded by entrepreneurs who have a new idea or innovation they want to develop into a successful business.

What is a Startup Registration?

Startup Registration is the process of officially registering a new business as a startup with the government or relevant authorities. This typically involves filling out forms, providing necessary documents required for Startup India, and paying fees to obtain legal recognition for the startup. Registration can provide benefits such as tax incentives, access to funding, and protection of intellectual property.

What are the documents required for Startup India Registration?

The main documents required for Startup India Registration are as follows:

  • Company PAN Card:
    • Having a Permanant Account Number (PAN) Card for your startup is a legal and financial requirement to ensure transparency, compliance, and smooth operations.
    • PAN is essential for taxation, financial transactions, identity verification, investor relations, etc.
  • Promoter’s Aadhaar Card:
    • The Aadhaar card is proof of identity and address, so it is necessary for the purpose of authentication and verification. 
  • Cancelled cheque with the Company’s name and Bank Certificate:
    • The bank certificate is required to demonstrate the financial stability of the startup, and a cancellation cheque is used as part of the application process to verify the bank account details provided by the Startup. 
Essential documents for Startup India registration
  • Articles of Association (AOA) and Memorandum of Association (MOA):
  • Certificate of Incorporation:
    • A Certificate of Incorporation is a legal document that confirms that a new corporation has been created and is recognized as a legal entity with the rights, responsibilities, and benefits that come with the status. 
  • Income Tax Return of the Promoter:
    • Income Tax Return (ITR) is essential primarily for the purpose of due diligence and to establish the financial credibility of the promoter.
  • GST Registration and Patent Certificate (if applicable):
    • GST registration ensures that the startup is compliant with tax laws.
    • The patent certificate helps in the protection of intellectual property.

What are the key features of Startup India Scheme?

The Startup India Scheme is a government initiative aimed at promoting and supporting startups in India. The key features of the Startup India Scheme include:

  • Registration Process:
    • Startups can register online through the Startup India portal by providing basic details about their business and uploading relevant documents.
  • Tax Benefits:
    • Registered startups can avail of various tax incentives and exemptions, such as income tax holidays for the first three years and capital gains tax exemptions.
  • Simplified Regulations:
    • The scheme aims to simplify regulatory processes for startups, including easier compliance with labor and environmental laws.
  • Funding Support:
    • Startups can access funding through various government schemes and initiatives, including credit guarantee funds and venture capital funds.


In concusion, the major documents required for Startup India Registration are: Incorporation Certificate of startup, Proof of funding of the startup (if any, Authorization letter of the authorized representative of the particular startup company, LLP or partnership firm), proof of concept like website link or video patent and trademark details, if any, List of awards or certificates of recognition of the startup (if any), PAN of startup.

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1. What is Startup India?

Startup India is a government of India program started in January 2016 to encourage and support entrepreneurship in the country.

2. What are the benefits of the Startup India initiative?

Entrepreneurs and companies can profit from the Startup India program in a variety of ways, including streamlined compliance, tax advantages, financing assistance

3. How does Startup India promote job creation?

Startup India encourages employment development by supporting the formation of new businesses. As these firms expand, they recruit staff, increasing job possibilities across the economy.

4. How does Startup India contribute to economic growth?

Startup India fosters entrepreneurship, promotes innovation, and creates job opportunities, all of which contribute to economic growth.
Successful startups create economic activity, attract investments, and add to the gross domestic product of the country.

5. What documents are required for Startup India registration?

The following documents are required for Startup India Registration: Certificate of Incorporation, PAN card, identity and address proof, proof of address, letter of recommendation, business plan, MOA, and AOA.

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