How to check PF Balance: PF check with and without UAN

The EPF helps you save money for the future. It acts as a tool of savings where both the worker and the boss contribute equally. They can access the savings when retiring or changing jobs. You can easily check your EPF balance through SMS, missed call, EPFO or UMANG app. Granting employees’ access to their EPF balance enables them to: 

  • Manage their finances effectively  
  • Secure loans using their EPF balance 
  • Monitor the status of their PF balance 

This comprehensive article will help you understand how to check PF balance

What is PF?

PF or Provident Fund is a retirement savings scheme that aims to provide financial security to employees after retirement. Both the employer and the employee contribute a certain percentage of the employee’s salary to the PF account. 

The contributions accumulate over the years and earn interest, providing a lump sum amount to the employee upon retirement or resignation. 

What is EPF?

EPF or Employee Provident Fund is a specific type of provident fund managed by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), a statutory body under the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. 

It is applicable to organizations with 20 or more employees. EPF includes contributions from both the employer and the employee, with a portion of the employee’s salary (12% of basic salary) being deducted for EPF. The accumulated amount, along with interest, serves as a retirement benefit for the employee. 

How to check PF balance?

You can easily check your PF balance in different ways: 

  1. Just give a missed call or send an SMS to the number provided. 
  2. Log in to the EPFO online portal. 
  3. Use the UMANG mobile app. 

How to check PF balance with UAN using EPFO portal?

So how to check PF balance? Make sure the employer’s activation of Universal Account Number (UAN). This unique identification number is provided for all enrolled employees under the scheme of EPF.  

Every worker should own only one UAN. It is irrespective of the companies they change during their work life. UAN is crucial because now all EPF services are handled online. With UAN, managing your PF account, checking balance or applying for a loan, is easy. 

Follow the steps below after activating your UAN number. 

  • Step 1: Go to Employee Provident Fund Organization portal. Click ‘Our Services’ tab and choose “For Employees” option from the drop-down menu. 
  • Step 2: Click ‘Member passbook’ option under “Services.” 
  • Step 3: Enter your UAN number and password on the appearing login page.  
  • Step 4: Choose ‘Member ID’ and then select ‘View Password [Old: Full]’. 
  • Step 5: On screen, the PF details will appear. To get your passbook, just click “Download Passbook.” 

How to check PF balance using UMANG app?

Employees can easily view their EPF balance by downloading the UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance) app on their phones. Apart from checking EPF, the app also allows you to track and file claims. To use the app, members just need to register once with their cellphone number linked to their UAN. 

Steps to use UMANG app to check EPF transactions: 

  • Get the UMANG app from either Google Play Store or the App Store. 
  • Then, tap on the “All Services” tab and choose “EPFO” from the options. 
  • Under “Employee Centric Service” tab, click “View Passbook”. 
  • It will show your EPF balance. 

How to check PF balance without using UAN?

There are two ways to check your PF without using UAN; Missed call and SMS method. 

How to check PF balance through SMS?

Once your UAN and KYC details are linked, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Send a message to mobile number  
  2. Follow ‘EPFOHO UAN ENG’ format to send a message. 
  3. Select your preferred language for SMS communication and use the first three characters. 
  4. To get updates in English, type “ENG”. For example, ‘EPFOHO UAN ENG.’ And it goes same with other preferred languages also. 

 Below are the languages you can prefer; 

  • English (ENG) 
  • Hindi (HIN) 
  • Punjabi (PUN) 
  • Gujarati (GUJ) 
  • Marathi (MAR) 
  • Kannada (KAN) 
  • Telugu (TEL) 
  • Tamil (TAM) 
  • Malayalam (MAL) 
  • Bengali (BEN) 

You can only check your balance via SMS if your UAN is active. Linking to your bank account, Aadhaar number, and Permanant Account Number (PAN) card is mandatory. If not, you must finish eKYC with your UAN to check balance through SMS.

UAN activated members can check their latest PF contribution and balance with EPFO by sending an SMS to 7738299899 from their registered mobile number.

Just type EPFOHO UAN and send it to 7738299899.

How to check PF balance through missed call?

You can check your EPF balance by giving a missed call to the authorized phone. Make sure you are making a call from your registered mobile number. You can only use this service if you link your UAN with your KYC info. 

Follow these steps, once your UAN is linked with your KYC:  

  • Activate your UAN. 
  • Register your mobile number with the UAN to use the missed call feature. 
  • UAN must be linked with your Aadhaar, PAN, and bank account. 
  • Checking your EPF balance via missed call doesn’t cost anything. 
  • Place a missed call from your registered mobile number to receive an SMS.  
  • That received SMS will contain the details of your EPF. 

How to check PF balance without registered mobile number?

Registered mobile number is not necessarily required every time to check your PF balance. Only UAN and password to login are required to check the PF status. Follow the steps below to check your PF balance. 

  • Step 1: Visit the PF passbook portal website. Login with the Password and UAN. 
  • Step 2: Choose the PF account you want to check your balance for. Now click to view the old PF passbook. 
  • Step 3: Check the total amount saved by both you and your employer in your PF account. You can also view your pension balance in your PF passbook. 
  • Step 4: To see your yearly PF contributions, just click on the “View Passbook (Yearly)” option. 


In conclusion, how to check your EPF balance using SMS, missed call, EPFO portal, or UMANG app. Ensure your UAN is activated. For EPFO portal: Log in with UAN and password, select “Member passbook,” and download. For UMANG app: Register with linked cellphone number, tap “EPFO,” and select “View Passbook.”  

For SMS or missed call, ensure UAN is linked to KYC. Use format ‘EPFOHO UAN [Preferred Language]’ and call from the registered mobile number. Alternatively, without a registered mobile number, access the PF passbook portal with UAN and password to view balance and contributions. 


1. What does EPF stand for? 

EPF stands for the Employee Provident Fund, helps you save money for the future. It acts as a tool of savings where both the worker and the boss contribute equally. 

2. What are three main different ways to check your PF balance? 

You can easily check your PF balance in different ways: 
Just make a missed call or send an SMS to the number provided. 
Log in to the EPFO online portal. 
Use the UMANG mobile app. 

3. Is the e-nomination process mandatory for PF account? 

No, it is not mandatory. But it helps your nominees to take the EPF account after your death. 

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