Individual DSC: Digital Signature Certificate for Individual

Class 3 Individual DSC is meant for professionals, government officials, private sector employees (those allowed by their companies), lawyers, medical & healthcare professionals, CA/CS, and other individual should consider this type of certificate. This certificate is set up for individuals who want to sign and authenticate their details by themselves.

This should also be used in cases of joint signing where two people sign together with the perception that both avail of the different government services provided by the Indian Government and as per the Information Technology Act of 2000.

What is an Individual DSC?

An Individual Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)is a digital identity card. It allows you to securely sign electronic documents and verify your identity online, similar to how a physical signature validates a paper document. An Individual DSC is issued to a single person, unlike an organizational DSC meant for businesses. Know what a DIgital Signature is?

What are the features of Individual DSCs?

Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

  • Secures Transactions:
    • When you “sign” a document with your DSC, it creates a unique digital fingerprint that proves you’re the one who signed it and prevents tampering.
  • Legal Validity:
    • In many countries (including India), a document signed with a valid Individual DSC has the same legal weight as a physical signature. This makes it essential for tasks like filing income tax returns electronically or signing important contracts online.
  • Multiple Uses:
    • Individual DSCs are useful for various online activities beyond taxes, such as:
      • Signing e-tenders and online agreements.
      • Participating in e-auctions.
      • Verifying online identity during registrations.
      • Filing various government applications electronically.

What are the advantages of class 3 Individual DSC?

 Below are the following advantages that can be attained from using Individual DSC;

  • DSC electronically authenticates the signer’s identity at different government or private portals. therefore, it reduces the chances of denial or rejection of one’s identity.
  • One can sign documents, records, and other electronic forms in bulk. Electronic signatures help you in signing anywhere and anytime.
  • DSC comes with a double-layer cybersecurity framework that protects your essential/ sensitive data from cyber threats.
  • With the point of a private crucial mechanism, your data is defended and no one can make any alteration to the data participated without providing a private key.
  • Therefore, it maintains the integrity of the data and assures the receiver that the shared information is bonafide and authentic.
  • Any document fixed with a digital signature certificate becomes fairly binding as per the IT Act, 2000.

Which authority provides digital signature certificate for an individual?

An authentication entity that acts as a licensed Certifying Authority (CA) validates and issues a digital signature certificate to each individual corresponding to the certificate validity, class, type, and usage. 

How to get your class 3 Individual DSC?

Procuring class 3 DSC for individual purposes is an easy, simple, and accessible process. To create a digital signature just start by:

  • Clicking the “Buy Certificate” button that appears at the top of the page.
  • You can buy individual DSC through colorful modes of an application similar to Online Aadhaar OTP, Biometric, PAN-based, and existing E-KYC mode followed by E-KYC verification process.
  • Once you fulfill every prerequisite of a DSC application, you will be able to download your DSC within a minute. 

Several working professionals value and enforce the use of class 3 Individual DSC to streamline their copious amount of signing labor. By using class 3 DSC to sign your important digital documents, you can be guaranteed that the data shared between two parties is secure and private.

Uses for class 3 Individual DSCs

Uses for class 3 Individual DSCs

Individual DSC applications are accepted for the following reasons:

  • For using the Income Tax Portal to file Income Tax Returns (ITR).
  • For registering an account on the GST portal or submitting GST returns.
    E-tendering, E-procurement, or online bid submission.
  • For filing legal complaints, actions, or procedures.
  • For registering a corporation on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) portal.
  • ROC e-filing using DSC e-ticketing via the IRCTC website.

How to get a digital signature certificate for an individual?

  • Decide a Certificate Authority.
  • Ensure the presence of required documents (ID and address proofs).
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Complete the verification process.
  • Receive your DSC.


In conclusion, the Individual DSC has been chosen over many other digital tools for various professions and people, like signing personal and important records, documents, and forms. When the number of digital or digitally driven utilities is increasing in business processes and people’s offices, the processes and office work are made rapidly and at a quick rate, and the risks of data impersonation are also increasing.

Therefore, if a transaction has to be completed or records need to be sent to a government or private site, a DSC must be used.

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1. What is an Individual DSC?

An Individual DSC is a secure digital identity used by individuals to electronically sign documents, ensuring authenticity and integrity.

2. Why do Individuals need a DSC?

Individuals require a DSC for various purposes, including filing ITR, signing online forms, and conducting secure transactions, ensuring compliance and security.

3. How long is the validity of an Individual DSC?

The validity of an Individual DSC typically ranges from one to two years, providing individuals with a secure means of signing documents.

4. Can an Individual DSC be used for personal and professional purposes?

Yes, an Individual DSC can be utilized for both personal and professional tasks, such as signing contracts, submitting online forms, and filing government documents, ensuring secure authentication.

5. Where can individuals obtain a DSC?

Individuals can obtain a DSC from certified authorities authorized by the Controller of Certification Agencies under the Information Technology Act, ensuring authenticity and compliance with legal requirements.

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