How to register Digital Signature Certificate?

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is the encrypted digital equivalent of the real-life personal signature. Digital signatures are kept in a USB encrypted drive and require a password to be opened. This ensures less likelihood of being hacked. Class-2 DSC is now a must-have tool for filing a variety of returns with the government like annual returns, income tax returns, and GST returns, and to complete many such statutory filings.

We will be explaining, how to register digital signature certificate through this article.

What is the importance of DSC?

A client who chooses to file a form on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) platform is bound to acquire an eSign digital accounting signatory or designated partner professional. MCA can identify the particular user on the MCA Portal when the Digital Signature Certificate is subscribed which then can prevent Digital Signature Certificate from being tampered with.

If the Director Certification System is not in the MCA portal, any e-Form digitally signed by you for any company being a director, manager, secretary, or a professional will not be accepted on the MCA portal once Role Check is implemented, as the electronic signature system will not recognize role associated with the electronic signature or affixed on the form.

Digital Signature and MCA portal

The MCA just recently launched the latest update of the MCA21 platform. This third version of the platform provides a crucial platform for drafting completed documents and filing forms under the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Law and Companies Act. This will be done through using analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Without requiring user registration, the filer can register digital signature certificate on the MCA portal. Nonetheless, if you are an institutional user and have already signed the DSC earlier, then you don’t need to sign the same DSC through registered DSC services.

How to register digital signature certificate in MCA Portal?

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs website is where to register digital signature certificate.

  1. Tap by service MCA under Association DSC and from the list click on Associate DSC.
  2. Select DSC for the particular role of the person or entity for whom it is to be registered.
    • DSC registration requires Director Identification Number (DIN) details. LSE will guide you by selecting Director to DIN (DIR-3/DIR-6) details to update.
    • Practicing Professional: Please provide a verification form from your professional body, to back your practicing license or membership.
    • DSC could be registered on MCA by an individual. DSC has several roles to play in this process.
    • ICSI/ICAI/ICWAI members and professionals having a registered DSC with Permanant Account Number (PAN) and DIN numbers are hereby advised to get their DSCs registered as a role of Practicing Professional.
  3. Enter the following page, and make all the entries to match information provided in institute records or to your company’s professional records.
    • The algorithm will further ensure that the DIN/PAN is valid and approved and the one that a customer has entered is automatic.
    • The system will display an error message in case the DIN is not filled out correctly or the supported range of DIN doesn’t include the one input by the user.
  4. Supplement all information and take care that the information provided is by no means accompanied by few details according to DIR-3. If the request has been made according to DIR-6, enter the data as provided in the DIR-6 report.
  5. Go on by clicking on the “Next” button. The mentioned system would check the details.
    • Note: If the information in DIR-3 /DIR-6 is missing, you won’t be asked DIN number because you are missing DIN details. To get your application details you could talk to a company in which you are a director.
    • During such a process, the system will request confirmation of details recorded from the user to confirm the correctness of the details noted down.
  6. For digital signature, you can either download and install MCA E-Signer from the website or do it on a cloud service. You will find the download link of the app on the same page within the app screen.
    • Open the MCA portal on your computer, and place the DSC USB drive into your system. The DSC will then get registered to the MCA portal.
    • Click “Select Certificate” to get the list of the certificates then choose the one you need to inject, enter the `DSC` password, and bind it to the device. Allocate a particular DSC to the particulars requested being registered only.
  7. The system will check if the tax provisions outlined in the DSC comply with local tax laws. The priority message will alert the user if the selected DSC is already registered under this given DIN. Once the DIN contains a different validation DSC, the system prompts the user to update their DSC.
  8. Write what was displayed in the box given as the expected text and compare your response in the box provided. In the box, you need to check if you are sure, you have supplied the information of any kind in the correct form and up to date.
  9. Click the ‘Submit’ button to register for the club by filling out the DSC form.
  10. The exit page on our website will contain a form to acknowledge that the user has read and understood our privacy policy and can download the acknowledgment form.


In conclusion, a safe and dependable way to confirm identities and guarantee the integrity of digital transactions and documents is to register digital signature certificate. In today’s digital environment, digital signatures provide a reliable way to authenticate electronic communications through the application of cutting-edge cryptographic algorithms.


1. How to register digital signature certificate?

When registering for digital signature certificate, you usually have to go through these steps:
• Pick an issuing CA, which is authorized to issue DSCs.
• Upload the documents needed for authentication and verification that are per the CA’s requirement.
• Finish the necessary application forms and pay the applicable fees.
• Undergo the disclosure procedure, which may include physical discovery or the verification of data by digital means.
• Once your data is verified, you will receive your DSC containing instructions on how to install it and how to use it.

2. How to register digital signature certificate with TRACES?

The TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System portal usually needs you to register following these steps:
• First of all, log in to the TRACES portal via your credentials.
• Open the part of the site that is responsible for executing DSC test registration or digital signature.
Use a file that your device can open to sign with your digital signature.
• Make sure that all the remaining steps or safety checks according to the TRACES procedure are finished.
• Once you have successfully registered your DSC after completing registration, you can use it to ensure secure communication with our TRACES services and also for the digital signing of forms and documents.

3. How to get a digital signature certificate?

To become a holder of a DSC, you have to apply for a DSC through the following steps;
• Select a CA that can be in charge of issuing digital signatures to give assurance to the receiver.
• Give the identity verification and authentication a go-ahead by providing requisite documents.
• Complete the form and pay the required fee.
• Step through the verification process, which can take place by being present or verification via your device.
• On confirming your identity, a Digital Signature will be issued to you with the ability to sign electronic documents and transactions.

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