Secure your Startup: Startup India Trademark Registration

One must be well aware that Startup India Trademark Registration is quite similar to the process for trademark registration for any other organization, company, firm, etc. Moreover, it is to be noted that Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) under the Ministry of Commerce, which has provided a 50% reduction in the statutory fee which is required to be paid for the purpose of trademark registration to promote trademark registration online.  

What is Startup India Trademark Registration?

Startup India Trademark Registration isn’t a separate registration process, but rather a government initiative offering benefits for startups seeking trademark protection. Startups recognized by the DPIIT can enjoy a 50% discount on the statutory fees associated with trademark registration.

This incentive aims to make intellectual property protection, like trademarking your brand, more affordable for young businesses.

What are the Startup India Trademark Registration process?

Trademark registration for startup
  • Choosing a category for your goods
    • First and foremost the one who is initiating the startup must select the category based on their goods or services.
    • There will be different trademarks which are assigned to various sorts of goods and services, so it is very essential to select a trademark for the product from a list of 45 options.
  • Process of documenting an application
    • After selecting the trademark, it is necessary to complete the Form TM-I and submit it along with required fees and documentation.
    • The few essentials documents are ID for evidence, Power and signature of Attorney, Board Resolution, Address Proof of the applicant, Name of the applicant, type of the business, and etc.
  • Submitting the apllication form to the Trademark Registry
    • As soon as the TM-1 form is submitted, the Presiding Officer in the Register Office checks the form and documents that are submitted to the Trademark Registration process for startups.
    • This Registry helps them to confirm that the submitted documents are error-free and can be carried out for upcoming procedures.
  • Trademark Registrar conducts an Inspection
    • The trademark registrar conducts an inspection in case if they find any kind of similarities or any other technical issues regarding the trademark.
    • Even after inspection, if they are not satisfied, they will initiate the hearing which helps to determine the merits of the submitted application.
  • Publication in trademark journal
    • If all the above steps carried out successfully and the officer approves the trademark for the startups, it will be published in trademark journal.
    • Moreover if there is any kind of objections raised by third parties that particular startup have to respond to the same by 90 days after which the hearing will be conducted and the trademark can either be selected or rejected on the discretion of the registrar.

What is the importance of getting a trademark for startup?

Importance of getting trademark for Stratup
  • Legal safeguards
    • It safeguards and aids in the intellectual property of the company.
    • If any stranger uses the trademark, one has complete right to sue them.
  • Increases the firm’s profitability
    • The big advantage of having a trademark is that buyers are often attracted with the design of the trademark or the brand.
    • The trademark in today’s world plays a significant role.
  • Increased brand image and goodwill
    • It absolutely helps in developing the brand and creates a good reputation among the people.
    • If the trademark is unique in all the aspects like design, colour etc.
    • Definitely there will be people who will show more interest towards that particular startup.
  • Provides a sense of autonomy
    • Once the startup is established, it will maintain a positive or good reputation.
    • By having the trademark to the startup as a name or brand, it helps them to protect and push the business forward.


In conclusion, Startup India Trademark Registration offers a valuable advantage for recognized startups. The process itself follows the standard trademark registration journey: choosing a category for your goods or services, documenting and submitting an application, undergoing a potential inspection by the registrar, publication in the trademark journal, and responding to any objections.

By securing a trademark through the Startup India Trademark Registration process, startups gain legal safeguards for their brand, potentially increase profitability through brand recognition, and establish a stronger reputation in the marketplace. This protection ultimately empowers them to confidently push their business forward.

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1. Why is trademark registration important for startups?

Trademark registration is essential for Startup India startups since it protects their brand names, logos, and slogans. It protects the startups’ distinctive identity by prohibiting others from utilizing identical marks. This safeguard is critical for establishing brand recognition, trust, and consumer loyalty, all of which are required for business success.

2. Can a startup register multiple trademarks under Startup India?

Yes, under Startup India, startups may file numerous trademarks. Each distinguishing mark linked with their products or services can be registered to preserve the startup’s individual market identity.

3. How long does it take to obtain a Trademark Registration under Startup India?

The time it takes to secure a trademark registration varies, but it usually takes 1 to 2 years from the moment the application is filed. Delays might arise during the examination, opposition, or verification stages, therefore patience is required throughout the procedure.

4. What are the benefits of trademark registration for startups?

Startups can benefit from registration in numerous ways, including; legal protection, brand awareness, market expansion, and asset value.

5. Can a startup register a trademark internationally?

Direct international trademark registration is not available in India.
Startups, on the other hand, can file for worldwide trademark protection using the Madrid System, which allows for trademark registration in numerous countries with a single application.

6. What should startups do if their Trademark Registration Application is opposed?

Startups should respond quickly and effectively if a Trademark Registration application is contested. This might be demonstrating earlier usage, uniqueness, or challenging the opposition’s claims. To create a solid defense and effectively traverse the opposition procedure, it is recommended that you engage with a trademark attorney.

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