How much is the Trademark Registration fee in India?

Indian organizations have made progress through unmistakable thoughts and novel offering suggestions to strengthen the commercial center. When a strong brand has been laid out, it should be defended against misuse by different gatherings. Trademark enlistment is the main strategy to do this!

The benefits of having a registered trademark along with the trademark registration fee in India are addressed in this blog entry. In the advanced period, trademark enlistment has never been easier for entrepreneurs to safeguard their thoughts. This essentially brought down the cost of trademark enlistment.

What is trademark registration fee in India?

Trademark registration fee in India are an investment for long-term success, providing exclusive rights, credibility, and brand identity protection. Costs depend on the entity type and required professional services.

How much will it cost to register a trademark in India?

If someone is good at and dedicated to their business, they should realize the importance of protecting it. They’ve put in a lot of time and effort to build it, and they need to be aware of the risks and challenges they might face.

Most entrepreneurs use trademark enrolment as a type of brand insurance. If anyone trying to use your company name or design as a trademark, you can use the leverage of your trademark registration. With this leverage, you will be able to all the benefits of trademark registration, including the ability to use imitations. 

Government charges and expert expenses make up the two classifications of trademark enrolment costs in India. The qualification between the two lies in the way that administration charges are uniform all through the country.

The proficient expenses are dependent upon individual variety. The government charges INR 9,000 for each trademark registration application for companies and INR 4,500 for each application for individuals.

What are the government registration charges for a trademark?

The charges for individual, consecutive, and total imprints will change contingent upon the class. The public authority charges INR 4,500 per class per application for trademark enlistment. This charge applies to people, DPIIT-enrolled new businesses, and enlisted MSMEs documenting a solitary imprint in a solitary class.

The public authority costs for trademark enlistment are INR 9,000 per class per application for any remaining organizations. The enrolment cost for an aggregate imprint is INR 10,000 for every application, per class.

Government registration charges for a trademark

In a show country, the underlying enrolment cost for an imprint is INR 10,000. Extra expenses apply for enlistment in each progressive class. Under the Madrid Convention, the World Protected Innovation Privileges Association will gather various charges for enrolment in every nation.

What is the average cost to register a trademark?

The average cost of registering a trademark varies significantly based on several factors. The jurisdiction, the complexity of the application, and the availability of legal counsel are some of them. Careful review and master discussion can assist with giving a more exact gauge.

  • Professional Charges
    • Numerous applications are turned down because the imprints they register are now there. Accordingly, for the enlistment technique, reaching out to an expert is typically better.
    • For data on trademark enrolments, trademark data sets, or the accessibility of different logos, reach out to a protected innovation lawyer. They will provide accurate legal counsel on all relevant issues.
  • Legal fees for the opposition
    • The protest is associated with the resistance. The contrast between the two is that the public authority objects, however, resistance starts from other outsiders.
    • Some competitors file lawsuits against companies trying to register their trademarks or symbols because they use identical ones. Additionally, claims have been made that intellectual property rights will be violated if the application is accepted.
    • Notification of an issue with a clashing trademark application in one class requires INR 2,700 in legitimate costs to be documented.
  • Legal fees for the objection
    • Infrequently, the public authority will dismiss an application. There are a few motivations behind why the public authority is against it. However, it does not imply that the trademark will not be accepted.
    • The trademark inspector searches for a sufficient safeguard of the brand and its registration certificate. The sort and character of the protest at last decide the expense. However, extensive research and analysis are required to raise concerns.

How to do trademark correction?

In India, a trademark correction is necessary when there is a mistake in the trademark registration. Also, when a trademark is not in compliance with the requirements set by the Registrar. The Exchange Imprints Demonstration of 1999, Area 57, frames the justification for the adjustment of the register.

If a trademark is not used for a predetermined time after it has been registered, it may also lead to application correction or cancellation. A trademark correction application is submitted to Exchange Imprints Library used to present the enlistment application.

Compare worldwide registration costs for Trademarks

The price of registering a trademark varies greatly from country to country. For some countries, the World Protected Innovation Association (WIPO) has a broad data set of trademark costs.

For instance, contrasted with many immature nations, enrolment costs are much of the time more prominent in the US, Canada, and Australia.

The expenses are affected by factors like the number of classes secured, documenting system, and length of assurance.

Which is the cheapest place to register a trademark?

Determining the places to register a trademark involves, taking into account everything from filing fees to legal fees. Among the countries with relatively lower costs are some in Southeast Asia and parts of Eastern Europe. It is important to assess the costs of protection and the straightforwardness of maintaining trademark privileges in each applicable purview.

Costs for trademark registration set by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) are determined by the type of filing.

International trademark registration cost

The Madrid Framework works with the enrolments of global trademarks. The cost of worldwide enrolments differs as indicated by the number of nations and courses that are picked.

For cost assessment, the Madrid Arrangement of WIPO offers a charge mini-computer. Even though this strategy could make the enlistment go all more rapidly, it’s essential to know the specific rates.

Are there any hidden charges for registering a Trademark?

As well as recording charges, trademark enrolments might incorporate different consumptions. These include additional fees for responding to office actions, expert assistance fees, and upkeep and renewal costs for the trademark. Competitors actually should save cash for these potential expenses.

Trademark Renewal Expenses

To keep your trademark enlisted, you should pay restoration costs, as trademark insurance isn’t interminable. Purview’s explicit recharging expenses could ascend with every restoration cycle.

Trademark freedoms might be relinquished for the delinquency of reestablishment costs. Proprietors of trademarks ought to know about the costs and dates for restoration.


In conclusion, the trademark registration fee in India varies across jurisdictions. Like, various costs related to trademark insurance, like documenting, searching, lawyer, and recharging expenses. It is fundamental to appreciate the whole expense structure to design your spending plan. This ensures that all essential activities are finished to safeguard your trademark privileges.

The cost of enlisting a trademark might be a central point for little endeavors. Certain states give little substances deferred or diminished costs. Little organizations ought to examine these decisions and contemplate the drawn-out benefits of safeguarding their image with a trademark.

1. What variables affect the costs associated with registering a trademark?

A variety of factors including the jurisdiction in which the application is filed. The fees for trademark registration can be influenced by the number of classes being protected. Whether the application is submitted online or through traditional paper filing. Also, several authorities provide various charge schedules for individuals, small companies, and major corporations.

2. What is the global standard for trademark registration fees?

No, The procedures and costs associated with registering a trademark differ between nations. Verifying the particular procedures and costs related to each country where protection is sought is crucial. There are additional costs associated with international registrations, such as those made through the Madrid System.

3. Can the kind of products or services linked to a trademark application influence the cost of registration?

The registration costs may vary depending on how many classes of products or services are being sought protection for. Usually, fees are assessed by trademark offices according to the number of classes listed in the application. The cost of filing for protection in more than one class is going to be more than that of filing in just one. 

4. What is the difference in registration fees between normal and accelerated trademark application processing?

At a premium, a few trademark agencies provide fast-track or expedited processing options. Expedited services are available for individuals and businesses seeking a faster registration procedure typically have higher costs.

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